About us

Goals & Objectives

 Best products, best possible prices, with rapid delivery and great customer service.

  • We carefully select all of the products which are brought to the vaping community.  
  • In order to bring our customers the latest and greatest products,we are trying our best to constantly vet new products all the time. 
  • Followvape only sells genuine products from the official manufacturers as described.
  • Followvape is a "marketing gimmick" free zone. We simply want to offer our customers the best products at the best possible prices all year long and we work very hard to try to achieve that goal.

Trust & Confidence

We believe trust to be the corner stone of our relationship with our members. To accomplish this objective we have taken the following steps:

     All your sensitive personal information is well protected. Followvape will never store any personal information. Our credit card processing partners adheres to strict industry standards for payment processing, encryption and security protocol to protect your information. We never see - and do not want to see - your account information and credit card information.

  • We are very open about our policies. About what can be returned and what can not. Our customers can be assured that when they purchase a product from followvape - it is a brand new product and has not been "recycled".
  • We strive very hard to have the most competitive pricing on the internet. We can not 100% guarantee our price to always be the best price available - but we certainly work very hard to make sure it is. Just have a look around and you will see...

About us


  • We started our involvement with vaping in 2017, although we are still really young in this business, you will always see our faith and honest in this career.
  • We were all long time smokers, some of our staff even have smoked over 20 years. We tried to quit numerous times using willpower, nicotine patches and gum, but always ended up failing. Once we discovered vaping, we quickly realized how much better we felt. Without sounding overly dramatic, our families and friends all agree, vaping saved our lives. Our wives are happy we no longer smell like an ashtray!
  • We certainly do not promote vaping as a substitute to smoking, and we make no claim of such. It worked for us but that should prove nothing to you.
  • We understand we have an uphill battle ahead of us. Politics, ignorance and corruption will try to stifle this industry, to the profit of big tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. However, our personal experience with vaping gives us the courage and the will to raise our voices and to stand for what we believe.